“The Dana Gould Hour” with Dana Gould

“Travel Tales” with Mike Siegel

“The Therapy Show” with Lisa Mustard

“Dead Air” with Brian Holtzman

“Film Threat” with Chris Gore

“Following Films” with Christopher Maynard

“The David Feldman Show” with David Feldman

“Howie’s Morning Rush”  with Howie Nave – KRLT FM

“Save Your Sanity” with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

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“Atheist Nomads” with Dustin Williams

“All About Movies” with Jan Price

“Selling the Couch” with Melvin Varghese, PhD



“Men on Purpose” with Ian Lobas

“Marriage Therapy Radio” with Zach Brittle and Laura Heck

“The Rough Cut” with Matt Feury

“Last First Date Radio” with Sandy Weiner

“Oh No Ross and Carrie” with Ross Blocher

“Long Distance Love Bombs” with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

“Get Ya Some!” with Terry Lancaster

“Dealer Talk with Herb Anderson

“Cars Yeah!” with Mark Greene

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“Sex & Psychology” with Dr. Justin Lehmiller

“AutoConversion” with Ryan Gerardi