Roger Nygard is probably most notorious for an award-winning documentary about the most obsessive sci-fi fans in the Universe, TREKKIES and the sequel TREKKIES 2. Nygard’s previous documentary is about an impossible subject, THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE, which asks the ultimate question, “What’s the point of everything?” Nygard’s current project is about the most inexplicable topic yet: THE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE.

Other award-winning independent feature films include a comedy called HIGH STRUNG, an action picture called BACK TO BACK: AMERICAN YAKUZA 2, a dramatic-comedy, cult-film about car salesman called SUCKERS, and a documentary about UFO fanatics called, SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL. He has also edited feature films such as Mike Binder’s comedy-dramas, MAN ABOUT TOWN and BLACK OR WHITE.

Nygard has also directed commercials and television shows, such as the HBO series, THE MIND OF THE MARRIED MAN,” the FOX series THE BERNIE MAC SHOW, the NBC series THE OFFICE, the DisneyXD series ZEKE & LUTHER, as well as having edited Emmy and ACE nominated episodes of HBO’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM & VEEP,as well as FX’s THE LEAGUE, and Showtime’s WHO IS AMERICA?