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We all know the statistics: marriage rates are down, divorce rates are up, and over time people become more dissatisfied in their relationships. The appetite for advice is insatiable, resulting in magazine covers touting tip-after-tip from experts on how to find the perfect mate, how to tell if it’s going south, and how to fix the one that’s broken. Never in history have we expected so much from romantic partners and experienced such little happiness.

Roger Nygard attended countless weddings and found himself asking: Why do people keep getting married when fifty percent break up? What makes them think they will beat the odds? And if they do, what exactly are the secrets to making it work?

Nygard tracked down the experts — and some other extraordinary folks — to solve the mystery of happy relationships. Along the way he discovered scientific facts about how we truly find each other to begin with, what we can do to increase the chances of finding our soulmate, and how most of what we call fate is anything but.


Among the experts interviewed are:

Pat Allen, Ph.D., Therapist & Educator, Author of, Getting To “I Do”
Robin Baker, Ph.D., Sexual Biology Researcher, Author of, Sperm Wars
Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., Psychologist, Relationship Specialist, Author of, Why Can’t You Read My Mind?
Rabbi Lazer Brody, Marriage Counselor & Translator of, The Garden of Peace: A Marriage Guide For Men
Claire Brummell, Relationship Specialist
Fara Dabhoiwala, Ph.D., Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University, Author of, The Origins of Sex
Joy Chen, Author of, Do Not Get Married Before Age 30
Stephanie Coontz, Author of, Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage
Lucia Demasi, Dating & Relationship Expert, Author of, Lessons of Love
William J. Doherty, Ph.D., Couples Therapist, Author of, Take Back Your Marriage

John C. Friel, Ph.D., Couples Therapist, Author of, The 7 Best Things Happy Couples Do
John Gottman, Ph.D., Co-founder of The Gottman Institute, Co-Author, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D., Co-founder of the Gottman Institute; Co-Author, Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
Beryl Huang, Attitudinal Psychologist, Author, Motivational Speaker, & Film Producer
Rachel Hope, Author of, Family By Choice:  Platonic Partnered Parenting
Marni Kagan, Matchmaker & Relationship Coach
Benjamin R. Karney, Professor of Social Psychology, co-author of the textbook, Intimate Relationships
Matt Ridley, Author of, The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature
Christopher Ryan, Ph.D., Psychologist, Co-Author of, Sex At Dawn, and Civilized to Death
Neil Strauss, Author of, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
Ty Tashiro, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author of, The Science of Happily Ever After
Steven Ward, Co-Author of, Crash Course On Love
Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D. Couples Therapist, Author of, Make Up, Don’t Break Up

Roger Nygard has made several indie films, and worked in television as a director and editor on shows like THE OFFICE, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and VEEP. But he is probably most notorious for having made the documentary, TREKKIES. Nygard’s prior documentary was about: THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE. The award-winning film was an official selection of twenty film festivals and was released theatrically in 15 U.S. cities. Afterward, Nygard looked for a new concept, something even more inexplicable than existence itself, and only one subject fit that challenge:  THE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE.

Film Festival Review

Jason Wiener Review–Cinequest–Day 6

…THE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE, from returning Cinequest master Roger Nygard. With his trademark sense of humor and a rapid-fire editing technique, he takes us on a worldwide journey, starting close to home with his own friends and ranging as far as the amazing Don Blanquito, the most single man in the world (now married.) He ponders why a product that fails half the time and requires constant upkeep when it does work…is so popular? Full disclosure, this is a review written by a guy who has never been married, of a movie by a guy who has never been married, and is surprisingly optimistic about the institution. And he does come up with an answer in the end. And it’s a satisfying one. So all was right with the world…..


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Michaela Hanackova and Frank Cappello on a Malibu beach at their sunset wedding.

Jordan Mackay and Angela Yackley chose a faerie convention near Eugene, Oregon as the location for their wedding.

Yasmin Oliveira and Don Blanquito at their wedding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Michaela Hanackova and Frank Cappello on a Malibu beach at their sunset wedding.

Angela Yackley, Desiree Atwater, & Jordan Mackay in Eugene, Oregon

Don Blanquito and Yasmin Oliveira at their home in Los Angeles.

Married couple, Doug & Ada Williams.

Roger Nygard with Robin Baker, Author of, Sperm Wars.

Interviewees Dutchess, David, and Kristie Larry. Also, David designed the film’s poster.

Composer and Co-Producer Billy Sullivan, working on the score to the documentary with guitarist Pierre Karlsson.

       The anonymous couple in love. Photographed at Thomas Jefferson park in Paris.

Interviewees Dutchess, David, and Kristie Larry. Filmmaker Roger Nygard next to the camera.

Composer and Co-Producer Billy Sullivan, at the sound mix at Mercury Sound. Hall Cantrell and Paul Ratajczak in the background, at the mixing console.

Digital effects artist Gabriel Koerner at work on the main title, graphics, & chapter cards


Filmmaker Roger Nygard and colorist Pat Fitzgerald, working on the final, color timing of the documentary.


       Filmmaker Roger Nygard.

Roger Nygard is perhaps best known for his highly-successful and acclaimed documentary Trekkies, about the most obsessive fans in the Universe. Nygard’s previous documentary, The Nature of Existence, addressed the impossible subject of the world’s philosophies, religions, and belief systems. Nygard has also directed television series such as “The Office,” and “The Bernie Mac Show.” His work as a film editor includes “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The League,” and Emmy-nominated episodes of “Who Is America?” and “VEEP” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Nygard has made several other award-winning films, including the car-salesman cult-film, Suckers, and a a profile of UFO fanatics, Six Days in Roswell, and now the documentary The Truth About Marriage, accompanied by The Truth About Marriage companion book.